Radio Interviews

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5) - “White Population Way Down in Suburban Chicago.” WBEZ News (21 June 2019)

Wisconsin Public Radio — “As People of Color Move to Suburbs, White Families Leave.” The Morning Show (15 June 2018)

WFIU (NPR Affiliate) — “Where America Lives: The Fair Housing Act and Racial Segregation.” Noon Edition (20 April 2018)

Select Media Coverage

Don’t Assume Everyone Wants to Live in a Racially Integrated Neighborhood.Next City (31 May 2018)

White Flight Returns, This Time From the Suburbs.Governing (25 May 2018)

Gentrification: Reversal of Historic White Flight is Creating a New Black Flight.Atlanta Black Star (17 May 2018)

New Study Shows White People Don’t Like Living Near Black People; Captain Obvious Declines Comment.The Root (25 April 2018)

White Flight Didn’t Disappear—It Just Moved to the Suburbs.Minnpost (21 March 2018)

White Flight Remains a Reality.Pacific Standard (06 March 2018)

White America is Quietly Self-Segregating.Vox (18 January 2017)

Ghosts of White People Past: Witnessing White Flight from an Asian Ethnoburb.Pacific Standard (25 August 2016)

The Death of America’s Suburban Dream.The Guardian (05 September 2014)

White Flight Patterns Continue within Suburbs.Planetizen (21 August 2014)

Ethnoburbs: Segregation in Suburbia.Science Daily (16 August 2014)