Teaching Experience

As an instructor, I strongly believe that sociology can provide students with the theoretical and empirical tools to better understand the world in which they live. As a result, in each step of my teaching, I strongly emphasize the sociological imagination as both a lens and a scientific method. Through the time spent introducing and reinforcing skills in each of these domains, my goal is that students will grow to become critically informed consumers of the social forces driving today’s sociopolitical issues—and the statistical claims that surround them.

Department of Sociology, Indiana University

  • Understanding Social Data (Spring 2019)

  • Charts, Graphs, and Tables (Fall 2018)

Department of Sociology, Indiana University

  • The Community (Spring 2018)

  • Introduction to Sociology (Spring 2014)

Department of Sociology, Indiana University

  • Asian American Communities and Identities, w/ Jennifer C. Lee (Spring 2014)

  • Race and Ethnic Relations, w/ Dina Okamoto (Spring 2014)

  • Inequality, Work, and Economy, w/ Youngjoo Cha (Fall 2013)

  • Education and Society, w/ Jennifer C. Lee (Spring 2013)

  • Introduction to Sociology, w/ Rob Robinson (Fall 2012)